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Enabling Semiconductor Businesses from Atoms to Systems

For over three decades, Silvaco has solved semiconductor design challenges by offering affordable and competitive EDA software, proven design IP, and world class support to engineers and researchers across the globe. Silvaco software solutions span from atoms to systems: from molecular behavior impacting semiconductor devices, to design and analysis of transistor circuits, and finally to complex IP blocks for SoC designs.

Our solutions are deployed in production flows across broad industry segments such as leading display companies, automotive OEM suppliers, and top Memory, 5G, and IoT (internet of things) providers. 

Power Semiconductor Devices Leader

The power electronics market is growing rapidly, driven by accelerating demand for electric vehicles. Power devices are at the heart of modern electric vehicle revolution from charging stations to vehicle drive train electronics.

New market requirements are driving increased adoption of silicon-carbide (SiC), gallium-nitride (GaN), and other wide bandgap materials, replacing traditional silicon in high-voltage power devices. 

Companies designing or manufacturing silicon, SiC, or GaN technologies for the power device market use TCAD simulations to understand their devices in greater detail and improve key figures of merit. TCAD modeling of power technologies allows engineers to make virtual changes in device operating conditions, device structure (e.g. planar versus trench-based), or in device technology (e.g. doping and layer thicknesses). This exploration builds qualitative and then quantitative understanding of devices. Iterative simulation then allows engineers to optimize device performance and operating area.

With optimized devices, engineers produce better semiconductor products and reduce the time needed to reach volume production by decreasing the number of prototype wafers that need to be manufactured and characterized. Product engineers in fabless companies have the ability to suggest improvements in the manufacturing process to their chosen foundry to improve yield and performance.

Power devices deployed in manufactured circuits require analog design software such as Silvaco’s analog and custom design suite. Schematic capture of the circuit components and their connectivity is combined with circuit analysis to simulate real world operation across a wide variety of temperature and electrical conditions to ensure correct performance. Because Silvaco’s TCAD and analog and custom design solutions are integrated, they are ideal for power device engineering teams.

Used by foundries and fabless semiconductor companies worldwide for over 25 years, Silvaco is a market leader in software solutions for the development and analysis of power devices.

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