Nissin Ion Equipment Co. Ltd.

As the largest manufacturer in the world, Nissin focuses on employing ion implantation equipment technology for semiconductor and display devices in order to provide various solutions through our advanced equipment, know-how and service capabilities. Our true pride and joy is in carrying out business that "contributes to our customers' success".

IMPHEAT, High Temperature Ion Implanter                                                                                                                                                                    Nissin Ion Equipment has addressed the needs brought about by the rise of environmental awareness into our equipment development and marketing with IMPHEAT, a high temperature ion implanter for mass production. This product is for the manufacture of semiconductor power units that are attracting attention in their application with electric power equipment due to their ability to more efficiently handle high voltages and high currents in comparison with conventional semiconductor devices. Such semiconductor power devices are also being used in EV and HEV vehicles and home appliances for the purpose of saving energy.

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