mi2-factory GmbH

Welcome to mi2-factory.

Feel invited to get to know our company, our ideas and our experts at the exhibition booth!

We have developed a highly innovative Energy-Filter (EFII©) technology that enables novel designs, reduces costs and increases the performance and yield of your microchips.

In contrast to conventional doping of semiconductor material, the Energy-Filter enables highly precise and customer tailored doping profiles.  

mi2-factory focusses on the processing of the next generation of SiC-power devices like SiC Diodes, SiC MOSFETs and SiC SJ-MOSFETs.


Further we integrate our technology in a novel productionmachine, the so called EFIITRON, which enables the next step to an increase of performance and cost reduction in the processing of your microchips.

We make our contribution to highly efficient wind power, photovoltaics and electromobility for a sustainable future.

We are a highly motivated team and look forward to working with you!

The company mi2-factory, founded in 2016, is located in the innovative city Jena in Germany.

We look forward to getting in contact with you!

mi2-factory GmbH
Moritz-von-Rohr-Straße 1a
07745 Jena


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