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Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Decades of Expertise

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology is a supplier of advanced plasma etch and deposition solutions focused on the CS market. Established in 1982 it is one of the founding companies of the CS industry and has developed an exceptional depth of knowledge of CS devices. 

World-Class Facility

Our world-class cleanroom at our headquarters in Bristol, UK is dedicated to developing the latest technology, helping our current and future customers develop cutting edge solutions. Our systems & analytical equipment enable a full range of process technologies developed by our expert applications team.

Power Device Solutions

Advances in device performance through use of materials such as SiC and GaN means lower energy losses. Oxford Instruments has a deep understanding of how to make the most optimised devices through its process solutions such as atomic layer deposition, plasma etching and plasma deposition.

- Our Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) processes provide excellent passivation of GaN/AlGaN reducing threshold voltage shift

- Atomfab is our latest innovation in ALD technology, designed specifically for GaN and RF device manufacturing.

- Our GaN etch processes are optimised to reduce plasma damage and produce smooth etched profiles

- Etch rates can be tuned to just a few nm/min for ultra low damage and controlled etch of just 10-30nm of AlGaN

- SiC via etch achieves high rate with excellent sidewall quality

- SiC feature etch shows smooth etch surfaces for optimal device performance


How to Plasma Etch SiC to Achieve Maximum Device Performance:

Enabling the SiC Revolution: Plasma Processing for Better Performance

SiC Device Manufacturing Solutions