MPI Advanced Semiconductor Test division offers a variety of manual, semi-automated and fully automated engineering probe systems, RF probes from 26 to 110 GHz, and unique RF calibration software QAlibria®. Major applications include RF & mmW, Device Characterization for modeling and process development, High Power, Wafer-Level Reliability, Failure Analysis, IC Engineering and Design Validation, Silicon Photonics, and more.


■  Up to 3 KV (Triax) / 10 KV (Coax) & 600 A (pulse)

■  Regulatory, 3rd party approved safety protection                      

■   TAIKO and thin wafer handling with seamless integration of measurement instruments, such as from Keithley or Keysight                 

■   Up to 10kV, 300°C, 300mm PRIME thermal chucks                               

■   Unique anti-arcing probe card up to 150°C

■  HV, HC & Ultra High Power probes

■  Anti-arcing LiquidTray™

■  ArcShield™ Technologies

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